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West of Poland chauffeured tour itinerary in 11 days

This "Western Poland Tour", which starts and ends in Warsaw, lasts 11 days.
Explore the main cities and the most beautiful landscapes of Western Poland.

Warsaw - Torun - Malbork - Elblag - Gdansk - Sopot - Redlowo - Puck - Biskupin - Poznan - Kornik - Wroclaw - Lodz - Sandomierz

Western Poland TourThis tour takes you to west part of Poland through the most beautiful cities and the Baltic coast. See Warsaw, the old town, the Royal Castle and the unusual Palace upon the Water in Lazienki Park. Tour the historic old town of Torun and on the Baltic sea, the former Teutonic Knights city of Gdansk. Admire the impressive Malbork Castle and have a boat trip on Elblag's canal. Discover the 8th century BC fortified Lusatian settlement of Biskupin, Poznan, the focal city of early Polish history and Wroclaw, also one of the oldest town in Poland. Finish by visiting the charming cities of Lodz and Sandomierz.

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Western Poland Tour - 11 Day Itinerary

Tour starts and ends in Warsaw.

1 Warsaw

Your fantastic and historically enriching tour of the beautiful Western part of Poland will begin as your personal driver and guide collects you from the Warsaw Airport to escort you to one of the most beautiful sites in the area: the Lazienki Park. Literally meaning 'Royal Baths', it is the largest park in all of Warsaw, occupying all of 190 acres smack in the middle of the beautiful city. Located on a still water body is a Bath House or a palace boasting ancient architecture which is decorated with beautiful stuccos, paintings and statues, making the unusual Palace upon the Water a breathtaking view indeed. You will be spending two nights in this city.


2 WarsawWestern Tour Warsaw

Your second day in Warsaw will begin with a visit to the oldest part of the capital which has been listed in Tour UNESCO's World Heritage and is one of the most prominent attractions in the city. At the heart of The Old Town lies a marketplace enriched with cafes and souvenir shops, while the surrounding streets boasts a number of must-see attractions. These include the Castle Square and the Royal Castle, an intriguing edifice that was once the official residence of Polish monarchs, St. John's Cathedral, the only archcathedral in the city that has also been listed of great cultural significance by UNESCO, and the Warsaw Historical Museum, home of numerous historically significant artifacts and paintings. Depending on your luck and availability, you may also be able to enjoy an evening at the Opera and end the day at a musical note. Second night in Warsaw.

BLDA*Western Tour Warsaw

3 Warsaw - Torun

The next stop in your specially customized tour will be at Torun- one of the most medieval cities in the entirety of Poland. Your guide and chauffeur will escort you to the old city that is also boasted as the birthplace of astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. The first stop will be at the historic Old Town, a site that has now been added to the list of the Seven Wonders of Poland. Vast, bright and beautiful, the square is littered with sites that are a must to visit, including one of the most monumental town halls in all of Central Europe, an architectural splendor in the form of St. Mary's Church, and a rebuilt Gothic Star House richly decorated with spiral stairs and wooden artifacts. You will then be visiting the infamous, engaging Planetarium and immersing in science as you tour the Museum of Copernicus. The stay in Torun expands overnight.


4 Torun - Malbork - Elblag - GdanskWestern Tour Torun Malbork Elblag Gdansk

The next morning, you will be accompanied by your tour guide and chauffeur to UNESCO's World Heritage listed Castle of Teutonic Order in Malbork or, simply, the Malbork Castle. You will be driven in your air conditioned minivan to one of the only remnants of the medieval times that has been conserved and protected instead of being torn down and reconstructed. The impressive castle displays grandeur and true, unique architecture that is unlike any other. From there, you will later be taken through a short drive to Elblag where your next stop awaits: the Elblag Canal. Having been named one of the Seven Wonders of Poland, you will take a boat trip on Elblag's canal and experience the wonders of the location first hand. You will later be driven to the city of Gdansk, where you will be residing for a total of three nights.

BLDA*Western Tour Torun Malbork Elblag Gdansk

5 Gdansk

Gdansk is a city that has no rival, with the walls of the mini state confining a life of its own within themselves. This is the exact location where native son, Lech Walesa signaled the collapse of the communist empire through a raised flame. The scars of the historic pains it has gone through are visible throughout and you can experience them as you tour the former Teutonic Knights city of Gdansk. The tour guide will have you walk down the Royal Way that is lined with cafes and shops, visit the grand Royal Gates and the Hall, feast your eyes with the surging waters of Neptune's Fountain, enjoy the entertainment sources that litter the Old Town, and receive a panoramic view of the breathtaking coastal city as you climb atop the largest brick church in the world; St. Mary's Church. Later, visit the 13th century Gothic's Oliwa Cathedral to immerse in invaluable art and end the night indulging in a Baroque Organ Concert, depending on your luck and availability of tickets. Second night in Gdansk.


6 Around GdanskWestern Tour Around Gdansk

Your day begins with a short drive made to the easy going atmosphere and sandy floors of the Beach of Sopot so you can release any tiredness form your bones and rid yourself of any travelling or tourist stress. Bathe in luxury as you admire the grandeur and beauty of coastline and Cliffs of Redlowo and Oksywie as the waves splash against the rough, eroded rocks. You will then be accompanied to the Bay of Puck, an old fishing settlement in the northwestern Polish city by the name of Puck. This splendid view will bring about the third night of yours in Gdansk as you are escorted back to your hotel.

BLDA*Western Tour Around Gdansk

7 Gdansk - Biskupin - Poznan

Biskupin is essentially an open air museum as it displays as life size model of Lusatian settlement. The Biskupin site has been excavated numerous times and has ever since become a center of attraction in the city, attracting several name worthy guests and tourists overnight. You will be driven to the museum by your chauffeur and guide in you pre determined vehicle, and allowed to wander and explore the Lusatian culture through this iron forged settlement. Later in the day, drive down to the city of Poznan along the infamous Piast Road- a must see for history lovers and genuine touristers. Your stay will extend overnight in the city of Poznan.


8 Poznan - WroclawWestern Tour Poznan Wroclaw

The focal city of early Polish history, Poznan is one of the most populous regions of the entire country let alone the Western part. Having become a critical cultural and business center, it attracts tourists and workers from all around the world alike to this central point. Your guide will take you the place where all the life and energy bubbles from; the Old Town, where the Town Hall stands tall and proud in the corner and the citadel spreads all around it. From the expansive, green park, you will be taken to visit the 17th century Franciscan Church to indulge in historical and ancient architecture. Then, a short drive will lead you to the artificial Lake Malta where you may stay and admire the blue waters, and later travel in your vehicle of choice to the architecturally admirable Neo-Gothic Kornik Castle, which will conclude your day. Embark on a drive with your chauffeur to Wroclaw, where your stay will be two nights long.

BLDA*Western Tour Poznan Wroclaw

9 Wroclaw

The largest city in Western Poland awaits as you arrive. Being one of the oldest towns in all of Poland, it boasts a number of tourist attractions and historical sites that must not be missed when in town for the weekend. The tour would start with a visit to the Market Square, a medieval core of pedestrian activity and entertainment. Other sites include the University of Wroclaw, which has the honor of being called on of the oldest college education-providing institutes in Europe, the infamous Salt Square, the Swindnica's Brasserie and the Awangarda Art Gallery, which is home to a large collection of fascinating artistry. Visit the St. Elizabeth's Church whose main tower stands at an imposing 300 feet, and later admire the Giant Raclawicka Panorama, a painting worthy of praise and astonishment. End your night the perfect way with a walk down the Ostrow Tumski or 'The Holy Land'. Second night in Wroclaw.


10 Wroclaw - LodzWestern Tour Wroclaw Lodz

From Wroclaw, be escorted to the city of Lodz, that bustles with eclectic style and lively luxury. It has become one of the most multicultural and industrial centers in all of Europe owing to its modern-esque and buzzing style. Visit the Museum of Lodz, which is jammed full of exhibits and history that explains the past of the enriched city. Then, admire the Herbst Palace, an insignia of the Herbst and Scheibler families who used to be the wealthiest industrialists in all of Poland for quite some while. See and admire the fascinating and praise worthy artwork that lines the walls of BWA's Art Gallery, an array of historical and modern paintings decorating the interior. Later, connect with the Jewish themes that lie in the walls of the city of Lodz by paying a visit to the peaceful Jewish Cemetery. Your stay will encompass overnight in this city.

BLDA*Western Tour Wroclaw Lodz

11 Lodz - Sandomierz - Warsaw

You will then be driven by your chauffeur to the urbanized and charming town of Sandomierz, where you will be greeted by the sight of a wonderfully modernized panorama of one of the most important urban centers of the country. After a brief stay to admire Sandomierz, you will return to Warsaw where your last day be spent viewing and exploring the rich streets and squares of the city that keeps on giving. Walk down the Royal Route that stretches into the unavoidable Nowy Swiat street, having been literally named the 'New World' as the series of parks, churches and universities make it a breathtaking point. Later, visit the St. Anne's Church by the Royal Route and thus conclude your 11 day tour of Western Poland.


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