Poland Private Tours offers the best personal tours in Poland. Your private driver guide will personally attend to your needs at all times. The most scenic and comfortable tour package will be arranged for you to maximize your vacation in this part of the world, and during your escorted tour you will visit and explore some of the most beautiful and historical sights of Poland. In addition, you will experience authentic cuisine of this country.

Here is a short summary of each of the suggested itineraries. Please bear in mind that these are suggestions only; because each tour is run for you privately, we will be glad to suggest a different itinerary better suited to your needs if that is necessary. Simply email us or fill in the Personalized itinerary form.

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Poland Map Historic Cities of Poland Tour

Tour highlights: Warsaw - Zamosc - Rzeszow - Lancut - Cracow (Krakow) - Wieliczka - Auschwitz - Wroclaw - Poznan - Kornik - Torun - Gdansk - Malbork - Elblag - Sopot - Redlowo - Puck - Ciechanow
This tour takes you to the oldest cities of Poland and allows you to discover the history of this early country. Visit Warsaw and its magnificent old town, listed in Unesco's World Heritage, and walk on the Royal Way. See Zamosc and Rzeszow, two fortified settlements. Admire the beautiful and impressive old town of Cracow (Krakow) and the Unesco's listed Wieliczka Salt Mine. More... 13
Poland Map On the Steps of Polish Kings Tour

Tour highlights: Warsaw - Malbork - Gdansk - Szczecin - Gniezno - Poznan - Kornik - Wroclaw - Cracow (Krakow) - Wieliczka
This tour allows you to discover the history of Poland by following the steps of its former kings. See the Royal Castle and walk on the Royal Way in Warsaw. See the Royal Chapel and the harbor in the former Teutonic city of Gdansk. Admire the Castle of the Pomeranian Princess in Szczecin, a city with a stormy history. More... 10
Poland Map Poland Nature Tour

Tour highlights: Warsaw - Gdansk - Sopot - Redlowo - Puck - Mikolajki - Bialystok - Bialowieza - Wlodawa - Rzeszow - Krosno - Zakopane - Katowice - Chorzo - Klodzko - Kletno - Kudowa-Zdroj - Lodz
This tour allows you to see how rich and varied the Polish nature is. See the primary forest of the Kampinos Park near Warsaw and the famous Malbork Castle, both on Unesco's lists. See the impressive cliffs and the sandy beaches around Gdansk. Admire the beautifulness of the Great Masurian Lakes Region and discover the fauna of Poland in Unesco listed Bialowieza National Park and Bieszczady National Park. More... 14
Poland Map Western Poland Tour

Tour highlights: Warsaw - Torun - Malbork - Elblag - Gdansk - Sopot - Redlowo - Puck - Biskupin - Poznan - Kornik - Wroclaw - Lodz - Sandomierz
This tour takes you to west part of Poland through the most beautiful cities and the Baltic coast. See Warsaw, the old town, the Royal Castle and the unusual Palace upon the Water in Lazienki Park. Tour the historic old town of Torun and on the Baltic sea, the former Teutonic Knights city of Gdansk. Admire the impressive Malbork Castle and have a boat trip on Elblag's canal. Discover the 8th century BC fortified Lusatian settlement of Biskupin... More... 11
Poland Map Southeastern Poland Tour

Tour highlights: Warsaw - Zelazowa Wola - Lodz - Czestochowa - Cracow (Krakow)- Wieliczka - Auschwitz - Zakopane - Stary Sacz - Sanok - Rzeszow - Lancut - Lezajsk - Zamosc - Sandomierz
This tour shows you the beauty of the southeast of Poland through its landscapes and its cities. Visit the unavoidable Warsaw and its Unesco's World Heritage listed Old Town. See Chopin's birthplace while driving to Lodz and Czestochowa, two charming cities. Admire Cracow (Krakow) with the magnificent medieval town square, the Wawel Hill and Wawel Castle. Discover the Unesco's World Heritage listed Wieliczka Salt Mine as well as Auschwitz Concentration Camp. More... 12
Poland Map Your own Poland custom private tour

We will be delighted to suggest an itinerary to match your specific interests or needs for any duration upwards of 10 days. Just click here, fill out the form, and we will start working on it!
Please note that we are specialized in extended tours (average duration 15 days), and we are unable to accept any bookings for tours shorter than 10 days. Many thanks.
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  • Wawel Castle

    Visit the infamous Wawel Castle in Krakow with a personal guide

  • Krakow Castle

    Reach Krakow castle by luxury limousine, like a king!

  • Bialowieza National Park

    With your chauffeured minivan, enjoy a guided tour around Białowieża National Park

  • Wieliczka Salt Mine Underground

    Explore Wieliczka Salt Mine, one of Poland's top tourist attractions