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The South-East of Poland chauffeured tour itinerary in 12 days

This "Southeastern Poland Tour", which starts and ends in Warsaw, lasts 12 days.
Explore the main cities and the most beautiful landscapes of Southeastern Poland.

Warsaw - Zelazowa Wola - Lodz - Czestochowa - Cracow (Krakow)- Wieliczka - Auschwitz - Zakopane - Stary Sacz - Sanok - Rzeszow - Lancut - Lezajsk - Zamosc - Sandomierz

Southeastern Poland TourThis tour shows you the beauty of the southeast of Poland through its landscapes and its cities. Visit the unavoidable Warsaw and its Unesco's World Heritage listed Old Town. See Chopin's birthplace while driving to Lodz and Czestochowa, two charming cities. Admire Cracow (Krakow) with the magnificent medieval town square, the Wawel Hill and Wawel Castle. Discover the Unesco's World Heritage listed Wieliczka Salt Mine as well as Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Explore Zakopane in the Tatra mountains and raft the Dunajec river. See also the historic city of Stary Sacz, the fortified settlement of Rzeszow and the Bernardine Basilica in Lezajsk. Finish by the old fortified town of Zamosc and the beautiful cities of Sandomierz and Lublin.

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Southeastern Poland Tour - 12 Day Itinerary

Tour starts and ends in Warsaw.

1 Warsaw

Be prepared to begin your tour of the aesthetically pleasing and historically abundant southeastern region of the wonderfully rich country of the Polish. You will be assigned a personal driver that will also act as your guide throughout your 12 day stay in Poland. You will be picked up from the Warsaw International Airport and escorted to one of the greatest sights in the grand city of Warsaw; the Lazienki Park. At 190 acres, it stands as the largest park in the city and boasts an unusual structure on a body of water; the Palace upon the Water is certainly a sight to savor and save. Your stay in the city will encompass over 2 nights.


2 WarsawSoutheastern Tour Warsaw

As you begin the second day in Warsaw, prepare to touch up on everything special about the city. You will be accompanied by your tour guide and driver in your selected vehicle to the oldest part of the city that has also been listed in Tour UNESCO’s World Heritage. The Old Town is a must-see when in Warsaw as it is home to some amazing architecture and sights, including the Castle Square and the Royal Castle, St. John’s Cathedral, and the Warsaw Historical Museum, each of which will be paid a visit by you. You may even be able to finish your night on a musical note by enjoying at the Opera, if your luck strikes! Second night in Warsaw.

BLDA*Southeastern Tour Warsaw

3 Warsaw - Lodz

Located in the outskirts of Warsaw, you will be accompanied by your guide to the Kampinos National Park (Primary Forest) which has been listed in UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve list. The beautiful forest or park is littered with natural swamps and dunes and is home to a variety of animals. You may walk, cycle or ski on predetermined trails and enjoy the sight of the historically rich park. A short drive will lead to Żelazowa Wola, a small village in the east-central part of Part with a mere population of 65! The birthplace of famous pianist and composer Frederic Chopin is certainly an interesting stop. Later, visit the Fryderyk Chopin Museum where you might be able to attend a concert depending on the availability. You will then be driven to Lodz where there will be an overnight stay.


4 Lodz - Cracow (Krakow)Southeastern Tour Lodz Krakow

As your time in Warsaw ends, you will get the chance to visit the growing multicultural and industrial sector of Europe in the form of a city that is always buzzing with life and remains eclectic as ever- Lodz. Visit the Historical Museum of Lodz which highlights the rich history of the now-modernized city through striking art and exhibits. Next, you can admire the insignia of the Herbst and Scheibler families, two of the wealthiest industrialists of the country in the past, in the form of the Herbst Palace. Then get enroute towards the economic and administrative center of Czestochowa. Visit the famous Polish site of the Paulite Monastery of Jasna Gora is a tribute to the Virgin Mary and is considered a pilgrimage. Then admire the painting that has become the talk of the folk, the Black Madonna that is said to have spiritual powers. You will then be driven to the city of Cracow (Krakow) where your stay will be two nights long.

BLDA*Southeastern Tour Lodz Krakow

5 Cracow (Krakow)

Although Cracow is as ancient and old a city as it gets, there is no doubt that it still leads Poland in academic and cultural terms. Take a walk down what is said to be the largest medieval town square in the entirety of Europe and admire the splendour of the magnificent Old Town, which comprises of the Rynek Glowny, the Cloth Hall, and the towering Hall Tower. Along with that, visit the residence of the King Casimir III the Great in the form of the architecturally sound Wawel Castle, and tour the Royal Chambers and Royal Private Apartments that were built for the royalty in the Wawel Hill area. This will be your second night in Cracow.


6 Cracow (Krakow) - ZakopaneSoutheastern Tour Zakopane Krakow

Become part of the 1.2 million tourists that visit the famous UNESCO’s World Heritage listed Wieliczka Salt Mine located in the town of Wieliczka within the Cracow area and admire the chapels and statues carved out of rock salt within the mines. Later, visit the Auschwitz Concentration Camp and State Museum to indulge in the shiver-inducing history of World War II, and later drive over to the laid back city of Zakopane, accompanied with your tour guide or driver. There, you may revel in the musical and traditional entertainment that is provided by locals and end the night on a positive note. You will be spending two nights in Zakopane.

BLDA*Southeastern Tour Zakopane Krakow

7 Zakopane

Begin your time in the resort city of Zakopane by making headway towards Tatra Mountains, a mountain range that stretches all the way from Slovakia to Poland and forms a natural border between the two countries. From there, take an adventurous and exciting journey to the Kasprowy Wierch Mountain Peak on a cable car. Seeming like a piece of heaven on Earth, visit the Lake Morskie Oko that is located deep in between the Tatra Mountains. Later, climb high altitudes to reach the Jaskinia Mrozna Cave, or the Ice cave and admire the icy spectacles that adorn them. Depending upon the state of the weather during your tour, you may or may not have an opportunity to raft down the fourteenth longest river in Poland- the Dunajec River. Second night in Zakopane.


8 Zakopane - SanokSoutheastern Tour Zakopane Sanok

As you conclude your two nights in Zakopane, drive out to the historic city of Stary Sacz which finds itself being one of the oldest cities of Poland. Medieval architecture throughout Stary Sacz bear signs and pointers that narrate the story of the historic city. Drive down to Sanok along with your tour guide and make your first stop at the Outdoor museum for folk architecture to experience the biggest open-air museum in all of Poland firsthand and later ride the Icon Trail, which is a 40 mile scenic train ride through the beautiful city of Sanok. You will be staying overnight in Sanok.

BLDA*Southeastern Tour Zakopane Sanok

9 Sanok - Zamosc

From Sanok, a short drive with your chauffeur will lead you to the former fortified settlement of Rzeszow. One of the most prominent features of this academically salient city is the Lancut Palace; a complex of residential buildings surrounded by a park that displays utter beauty and skill. You will then be visiting a local distillery to have a taste of the place and later explore the city of Lezajsk, which is famous for its Bernadine basilica designed by Antonio Pellacini. Drive down to the Renaissance town of Zamosc in the evening and stay there overnight to rest and recharge.


10 Zamosc - SandomierzSoutheastern Tour Zamosc Sandomierz

Tour the Old fortified Town comprising of the Hall, Bastian, Gates, and Palace once again as you prepare to leave the captivating city. You will be driven by your chauffeur to the urbanized and charming town of Sandomierz where you will observe a modernized panorama of one of the most important urban centers of the country. Your stay will be overnight in Sandomierz.

BLDA*Southeastern Tour Zamosc Sandomierz

11 Sandomierz - Warsaw

From Sandomierz, you will be driven in your mini-van by your driver down to the second largest city in Lesser Poland. Being the focal point of learning, this city has plenty of cultural as well as academic importance. The Old Town in Lublin has an ambience and aura like no other, with the traditionally architected Hall, Gate, Castle and Museum standing tall and proud along with entertainment sources. You will also be visiting the Lublin Castle or the Chapel of the Holy Trinity established by High Duke Casimir III. After admiring the neo-architecture, leave town to return back to Warsaw where your stay will extend overnight.


12 WarsawSoutheastern Tour Warsaw

Your last day in Warsaw will comprise of exploration and admiration of the capital of the country. Walk down the beautiful Royal Route that stretches into the Nowy Swiat street where a series of parks, churches, cathedrals, and universities lining the path that leads into the New World makes it a breathtaking point to be present at. Later the visit the St. Anne’s Church by the Royal Route and conclude your 12 day tour of South Eastern Poland atop its stairs.

BL*Southeastern Tour Warsaw

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