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Historic tour of Poland in 10 days

This "On the Steps of Polish Kings Tour", which starts end in Warsaw, lasts 10 days.
Follow the steps of the former kings of Poland.

Warsaw - Malbork - Gdansk - Szczecin - Gniezno - Poznan - Kornik - Wroclaw - Cracow (Krakow) - Wieliczka

On the Steps of Polish Kings TourThis tour allows you to discover the history of Poland by following the steps of its former kings. See the Royal Castle and walk on the Royal Way in Warsaw. See the Royal Chapel and the harbor in the former Teutonic city of Gdansk. Admire the Castle of the Pomeranian Princess in Szczecin, a city with a stormy history. See Gniezno the first capital of the Polish Nation and Poznan the focal city of early Polish State. Admire the old town of Wroclaw, one of the former Piast Dynasty's biospherics and the magnificent Cracow and its Wawel Castle where most of the former kings are buried.

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On the Steps of Polish Kings Tour - 10 Day Itinerary

Tour starts and ends in Warsaw.

1 Warsaw

After being collected from the Warsaw International Airport, you will be accompanied to your hotel so you can settle down and prepare for the adventures to come. Your personal driver and tour guide, who will have been specially assigned for you, will await you for a trip round the gateway to Poland- Unesco’s World Heritage listed Old Town of Warsaw! The two night stay in Warsaw will have you experience this city in the richest of ways - touring the Castle Square where tourists and entertainers gather to enjoy on the streets, and visiting the Royal Castle; a reconstruction of the monarch residency after its destruction by Nazi Germany. 2 nights in Warsaw.


2 WarsawOn the Steps of Polish Kings Tour Warsaw

Your second day in this historic city will see you appreciating the magnificent art and history the city has bottled up in the confines of the Warsaw Historical Museum. Having been renovated after the Warsaw Uprising during World War II, this museum has literal and figurative signs of a breathing past. Following will be a walk down the Royal Route, that stretches into the Nowy Swiat; the New World. Sights of beautiful parks, churches - including the St. Anne’s Church - and the Warsaw University make it a breathtaking point to be at. Cafes and restaurants lining the street ensure that your night in Warsaw becomes a memorable one as you enjoy a personal moment. Second night in Warsaw.

BLDA*On the Steps of Polish Kings Tour Warsaw

3 Warsaw - Malbork - Gdansk

Begin your third day in the mesmerizing country of Poland by having your chauffeur drive you from Warsaw in your private, air conditioned minivan, to one of the only remnants of the medieval times that has been carefully conserved and protected: the Malbork Castle. Having been listed under Unesco’s World Heritage, the grandeur of the medieval castle is impressive to say the least and is a true architectural masterpiece. Your chauffeur will then have you enroute in your selected transport to the city of Gdansk where two nights will be spent.


4 GdanskOn the Steps of Polish Kings Tour Gdansk

Gdansk- also having been dubbed as a mini-state, having a feel and a life of its own, is a coastal city like no other. It was in the very city of Gdansk where native son, Lech Walesa raised the flame that signalled the collapse of the communist empire. Therefore, this city possesses a tumultuous history and has scars to show for it, which have become must-see tourist attractions, including the Gdansk History Museum. The tour guide will take you to the St. Mary’s Church, which is said to be the largest brick church in the world, its expansive and ancient architectural structure having the capability of fitting more than 20,000 people. The towers on the building will allow you to receive a panoramic view of the breathtaking city. Visit the Gdansk Harbour and walk down the Royal Way where crowded cobblestone streets and local entertainment sources will be present to indulge in. 2nd night in Gdansk.

BLDA*On the Steps of Polish Kings Tour Gdansk

5 Gdansk - Szczecin

Then, be escorted to the city with a colorful and stormy history by your chauffeur in your vehicle (limousine or minivan), and prepare to indulge in the depths of Szczecin. With architecture that displays social realism, the city strikes a surprising similarity to the layout of Paris, France. Visit the mesmerizing Castle of the Pomeranian Princess, and treat your eyes to the seat where the dukes of Pomerania-Stettin ruled the Duchy of Pomerania from. The tour guide will accompany you to personally to amazing sites such as the Castle Museum- rich in Allied history, the Old Town Hall - a municipal town hall turned history museum, and the Loitz Family House (King’s Banker) - a striking orange building and used to be owned by the personal banker for the Polish royalty. Overnight stay in Szczecin will follow.


6 Szczecin - GnieznoOn the Steps of Polish Kings Tour Szczecin Gniezno

Following suit will be a long awaited trip to Gniezno - the first capital of the Polish nation. As with most other Polish cities, Gniezno is dense with interesting history and has numerous landmarks which will be toured by you with the help of your personally assigned tour guide. See the famous and architecturally splendid Royal Gniezno Cathedral, including St. Adalbert’s tomb and sarcophagus, where Polish monarchs continued to be coronated for several centuries. You will then go through the unique experience of sightseeing the Archdiocesan Museum or the sacred art museum, which serves as a major artistic progress demonstration. You will be staying overnight in Gniezno.

BLDA*On the Steps of Polish Kings Tour Szczecin Gniezno

7 Gniezno - Poznan

Through a short drive, you will reach the focal city of early Polish history: Poznan. Poznan has not only become one of the most populous regions of the country, but has also become a critical cultural and business centre. Most of the historic buildings and sites are concentrated around the Old Town, the Town Hall standing tall in the northeast corner and the old market, citadel, hall, and other souvenir shops spreading out around it. Visit the Poznan Ostrow Tumski Cathedral as well as the Golden Chapel and admire the fresh waters of the Lake Malta, the largest man made lake in the city. A short drive will see you to the architecturally admirable Kornik Castle, and conclude your seventh day in this state of wonders. There will be an overnight stay in Poznan.


8 Poznan - WroclawOn the Steps of Polish Kings Tour Poznan Wroclaw

The next day will continue on with the exploration of all the sites the city of Poznan has to offer. This will include a trip to the Old Town again, where the live bubbles and spreads out from, and the 17th century Franciscan Church. The Poznan Citadel is a gigantic park filled with greenery and natural beauty for tourists as well as locals to enjoy. Situated in the park are certain fortifications that act as a memorial for the Red Army during World War II. Accompanying you will be your personal guide and chauffeur as you make a trip in your minivan to Wroclaw, where you will be staying overnight.

BLDA*On the Steps of Polish Kings Tour Poznan Wroclaw

9 Wroclaw - Krakow

The city of Wroclaw comes next in our line of travel as we tour the largest city in Western Poland. The primary site visits would include the Market Square, a medieval rectangular area that has basically become the core of pedestrian zones. The University of Wroclaw, which is one of the oldest universities in Europe to be providing college education, is also a must-see. The St. Elizabeth’s Church is one of the most prominent buildings in the city, with its main tower standing at a tall 300 feet. Other attractions to which you will be taken to include the Swindica’s Brasserie, the Awangarda Art Gallery- home to a large group of fascinating art pieces, and the Raclawice Panorama, a painting worthy of admiration. Your personal chauffeur will then be driving you to Krakow, where you will stay one night.


10 Krakow (Cracow) - WarsawOn the Steps of Polish Kings Tour Krakow (Cracow) Warsaw

The last checkpoint in your custom travel plan will be at Krakow; one of the oldest yet the most academically and culturally leading cities in Poland. Tour the magnificent Old Town, that comprises of the Rynek Glowny, Cloth Hall, and the towering Hall Tower, starting with a walk down the largest medieval town square in all of Europe. Also visit the famous Wawel Castle, a residence built for King Casimir III the Great. Tour around the several structures that stand around a courtyard in the Wawel Hill premises, including the Royal Chambers and the Royal Private Apartments. You will then return to Warsaw and dropped off at the Warsaw International Airport. This concludes your Polish Kings Tour.

BL*On the Steps of Polish Kings Tour Krakow (Cracow) Warsaw

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