Poland Nature TourPoland Nature Tour Polish Nature Tour

The most beautiful landscapes in Poland chauffeured tour itinerary in 14 days

This "Poland Nature Tour", which starts and ends in Warsaw, lasts 14 days.
A loop across Poland to admire the diversity of Polish landscapes.

Warsaw - Gdansk - Sopot - Redlowo - Puck - Mikolajki - Bialystok - Bialowieza - Wlodawa - Rzeszow - Krosno - Zakopane - Katowice - Chorzo - Klodzko - Kletno - Kudowa-Zdroj - Lodz

Poland Nature TourThis tour allows you to see how rich and varied the Polish nature is. See the primary forest of the Kampinos Park near Warsaw and the famous Malbork Castle, both on Unesco's lists. See the impressive cliffs and the sandy beaches around Gdansk. Admire the beautifulness of the Great Masurian Lakes Region and discover the fauna of Poland in Unesco listed Bialowieza National Park and Bieszczady National Park. Walk in tundra and forest as well as in the Carpathian Mountains and the Sudeten Mountains.

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Poland Nature Tour - 14 Days Itinerary

Tour starts and ends in Warsaw.

1 Warsaw

There are few sights more refreshing and invigorating than Poland’s vast beach waters, beautiful forests and medievally architected edifices standing tall amongst Old Towns that are renowned across the entirety of Europe. As you arrive at the Warsaw International Airport after a- hopefully- pleasant flight, you will be collected by your chauffeur who will also serve as your personal tour guide through your time in Poland, and thus this will mark the beginning of your exciting Poland Nature Tour. Right away, you will embark on a short drive to UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve listed Kampinos National Park (Primary Forest), located in the outskirts of Warsaw. An array of species and landforms await you at the park where you may walk, cycle, or ski on beautifully lined trails and indulge in the divinity of the Kampinos National Park. You will then return to the hotel and stay overnight in the city of Warsaw.


2 Warsaw - Torun - Malbork - GdanskPoland Nature Tour Warsaw Torun Malbork Gdansk

The next morning, you will be escorted by your tour guide and chauffeur to the next stop in your specially customized tour- Torun. One of the most medievally constructed and assembled city in all of Poland, the Tour UNESCO’s World Heritage listed Old Town of Torun is certainly one of the most amazing sights. Being considered part of the Seven Wonders of Poland, the Old Town in Torun is vibrant and lively, littered with amazing architecture. The next step would be to drive down to the infamous Malbork Castle- one of the only medieval time remnants that has been conserved instead of being reconstructed. You may appreciate the unique grandeur and finesse that the castle displays. Later, you will engage in a short drive to Gdansk, where you will be staying for the next two nights.

BLDA*Poland Nature Tour Warsaw Torun Malbork Gdansk

3 Around Gdansk

Gdansk is a city that has no rival, with the walls of the mini state confining a life of its own within themselves. This is the exact location where native son, Lech Walesa signaled the collapse of the communist empire through a raised flame. Your day begins with a short drive made to the easy going atmosphere and sandy floors of the Beach of Sopot so you can release any tiredness from your bones and rid yourself of any travelling or tourist stress. Bathe in luxury as you admire the grandeur and beauty of coastline and Cliffs of Redlowo and Oksywie as the waves splash against the rough, eroded rocks. You will then be accompanied to the Bay of Puck, an old fishing settlement in the northwestern Polish city by the name of Puck. This splendid view will bring about the end of the second night of yours in Gdansk as you are escorted back to your hotel.


4 Gdansk - MikolajkiPoland Nature Tour Gdansk Mikolajki

Once your time in the city of Gdansk comes to an end, prepare to embark on a drive in your air conditioned vehicle of choice to a scenic church town called Mikolajki. Mikolajki is located in the Great Masurian Lakes Region, a district containing more than 2000 lakes! Situated near the largest lake of the district, this city has quite a number of beautiful views to provide tourists as it looks out over sparkling water. 5 kilometers from the small town, you will be taken to visit Lake Luknajno, which has been listed in UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve category for its natural reserve. Your stay will encompass to an overnight rest in the scenic city of Mikolajki.

BLDA*Poland Nature Tour Gdansk Mikolajki

5 Mikolajki - Bialystok - Bialowieza

Prepare to leave the comforting town of Mikolajki and drive down to the largest city in northeastern Poland- the metropolitan Bialystok. Being the fifth most forested city in all of Poland, Bialystok is dominated by them and boast it as an important aspect of its character. Visit the Narew National Park- an amalgamation of swamps and hills by a section of the Narew river, and indulge in the bird paradise that is this national park. Around 179 species of birds have found a safe haven in this park and several are unique just to this limited part of geography. Later, drive along with your chauffeur to Bialowieza where you will stay overnight.


6 Bialowieza - WlodawaPoland Nature Tour Bialowieza Wlodawa

Bialowieza lies at a short distance from the city of Bialystok, and is embedded in greenery and forest. The small and sparsely populated village still has numerous sights to behold which you will be visiting. Visit the Bialowieza National Park first which is a national park famous for having the largest population of European Bison, for which it has been UNESCO’s World Natural Heritage listed, and later, acquire a panoramic view of the park on the Lookout Tower. Next comes the Natural and Forestry Museum, which is one of the oldest museums amongst Polish National Parks. Various unique scientific collections make it stand out amongst the rest as well. Later, visit the Palace Park, that currently serves as the Center for Nature Education. The tour guide will then accompany you on the drive to Wlodawa where your stay will be overnight.

BLDA*Poland Nature Tour Bialowieza Wlodawa

7 Wlodawa - Zamosc - Rzeszow

The Polesie National Park is situated in the Polesie region of Poland and encompasses a variety of preserves. Advanced infrastructure and vast, quite landscapes make it an ideal place to visit. Walk in its tundra and forest and admire the national park for its natural beauty. Then, you will be driven by your personal driver to the Roztocze National Park, which is said to protect some valuable plant and animal species. Due to this reason, it is also called the Polish forest horse refuge, or the deer and roedeer refuge. The park is also said to possess the tallest trees on all of Poland, and that is a sight that should not be missed. Later in the evening, drive with your guide to Rzeszow where you will stay overnight.


8 Rzeszow - Ustrzyki Dolne - KrosnoPoland Naturee Tour Rzeszow Ustrzyki Dolne Krosno

The next nature stop will be the Bieszczady National Park that has been listed in UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve. You will be driven to the national park that covers the most part of the Bieszczady Mountains and hosts a large variety of animals, including wolves, bears, bisons, lynxes, Egyptian Cobras, as well the Golden Eagle. These endangered animals thrive in the environment provided to them by this national park. You will then be visiting the artificial lake at Solina which has become quite a famous tourist spot, especially for those with watersport interests as the nearby villages cater to such enthusiasts. Drive to Krosno in the later part of the day where your stay will be one night.

BLDA*Poland Naturee Tour Rzeszow Ustrzyki Dolne Krosno

9 Krosno - Zakopane

As we continue on with our hunt to cross off some of the most stunning national reserve parks across Poland, we reach Krosno. Here, you will be able to tour across the Magura National Park which consists of low and medium heighted hills. One of the factors that stands out for this national park is its exceptionally rich flora and fauna and naturally growing woodland, as well as the amount of endangered bird and mammal species it protects and provides a habitat for. Drive to the city of Zakopane where you will be spending two nights.


10 ZakopanePoland Nature Tour Zakopane

Begin your time in the resort city of Zakopane by making headway towards Tatra Mountains, a mountain range that stretches all the way from Slovakia to Poland and forms a natural border between the two countries. Admire UNESCO’s listed Biosphere Reserve listed Tatra National Park hidden between the folds of the Carpathian Mountains. From there, take an adventurous and exciting journey to the Kasprowy Wierch Mountain Peak on a cable car and admire the stretch of dirt, stone, and green from up above. Depending upon the state of the weather during your tour, you may or may not have an opportunity to raft down the fourteenth longest river in Poland- the Dunajec River. This will conclude your second night in Zakopane.

BLDA*Poland Nature Tour Zakopane

11 Zakopane - Katowice

Begin your day by refreshing your senses with a view and zest like no other. Seeming like a piece of heaven on Earth, visit the Lake Morskie Oko that is located deep in between the Tatra Mountains. Later, climb high altitudes to reach the Jaskinia Mrozna Cave, or the Ice cave and admire the icy spectacles that adorn them. The 20 to 40 minute tour through the artificially and naturally shaped corridors will see you experience the natural low temperature of 6 degrees that is constantly maintained inside the Jaskinia Mrozna and appreciate the beauty of its cheap yet rich dripstone. You will then be escorted to the city of Katowice where your stay will extend overnight.


12 Katowice - Chorzo - KlodzkoPoland Nature Tour Katowice Chorzo Klodzko

A short drive with your chauffeur will see you in Chorzow, a highly populated metropolitan city of Poland. Your sightseeing begins with a visit to the Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park, which is the first open air museum of its kind. The outdoor museum displays an array of 199th century country houses and farm buildings and several ancient artifacts. Then, visit the Dinosaur Valley in the Silesian Zoological Garden to admire and enjoy the sight of life-size concrete sculptures of jurassic reptiles that seem quite realistic. You will then be accompanied by your guide to Klodzko. Here, you will be staying overnight.

BLDA*Poland Nature Tour Katowice Chorzo Klodzko

13 Klodzko - Kletno - Kudowa-Zdroj

Begin your day in Klodzko in the Sudetes- the Sudeten Mountain Ranges provide a beautiful overview of the city. Visit the Gothic Bridge which was built in the year of 1930 and was the only bridge survive World War II in Klodzko. Also walk the underground passage behind the Church. Along with that, the Rynek Klodzko, or the Klodzko Market is also a must-see owing to its historical significance and hidden charm. Then, drive in your predetermined choice of vehicle to Kletno, where you will tour the upper part of the Bear’s Cave that is opened for tourists, as opposed to the lower portion which is preserved. While you’re at it, admire the Mount Sniezka in all its glory. A visit to the Gory Stolowe or Table Mountains is also included in your customized tour. The last stop for the day will be at Kudowa-Zdroj, a historic spa town located below the Stolowe Mountains, where you will indulge in its specialty: Spa Parks and Waters! Overnight stay in Kudowa-Zdroj will follow.


14 Kudowa-Zdroj - Lodz - WarsawPoland Nature Tour Kudowa Zdroj Lodz Warsaw

From Kudowa Zdroj, you will be taken to the eclectically styled city of Lodz- bustling with lively energy and exuberant luxury. In this multicultural center, you will visit the Historical Museum of Lodz which is full of exhibits that highlight the history of the enriched city. Then, admire the Herbst Palace, an insignia of the Herbst and Scheibler families who used to be the wealthiest industrialists in all of Poland for quite some while. After you have experienced Lodz in full extent, you will be driven by your personal chauffeur and tour guide back to Warsaw, where you will be boarding your plane back home. This marks the conclusion of your Poland Nature Tour.

BL*Poland Nature Tour Kudowa Zdroj Lodz Warsaw

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