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The historic cities of Poland chauffeured tour itinerary in 13 days

This "Historic Cities of Poland Tour", which starts and ends in Warsaw, lasts 13 days.
A journey through the history of Poland, visiting the oldest cities of the country.

Warsaw - Zamosc - Rzeszow - Lancut - Cracow (Krakow) - Wieliczka - Auschwitz - Wroclaw - Poznan - Kornik - Torun - Gdansk - Malbork - Elblag - Sopot - Redlowo - Puck - Ciechanow

Poland Historic Cities TourThis tour takes you to the oldest cities of Poland and allows you to discover the history of this early country. Visit Warsaw and its magnificent old town, listed in Unesco's World Heritage, and walk on the Royal Way. See Zamosc and Rzeszow, two fortified settlement. Admire the beautiful and impressive old town of Cracow (Krakow) and the Unesco's listed Wieliczka Salt Mine. Tour the old towns of Torun and Poznan, the focal city of the early Polish history and the medieval city of Ciechanow. Admire the Unesco's World Heritage listed Malbork Castle and the former Teutonic Knights city of Gdansk. Relax around Gdansk on the beach of Sopot and see the impressive cliffs of Puck and Redlowo.

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Historic Cities of Poland Tour - 13 Day Itinerary

Tour starts and ends in Warsaw.

1 Warsaw

Witamy to Poland! Your personal driver and tour guide will collect you from the Warsaw International Airport and take you to where you will be staying in Warsaw for 2 nights. After settling in, begin your tour of historic Old Town, Warsaw. Castle Square was destroyed in 1944 during the Nazi occupation, but has since been reconstructed from the medieval fragments left over from World War II. Enjoy famous pierogi under the shadow of the Royal Castle while jugglers entertain crowds on the cobblestone streets. 2 nights in Warsaw.


2 WarsawHistoric Tour Warsaw

Start your second day in Poland by taking a tour of Warsaw Historical Museum and St Anne's Church, increasing your appreciation for the city’s unforgettable baroque art. Next take a walk on the Royal Route and experience Nowy Swiat street, where the rich of the Polish renaissance period came out to play. Nowy Swiat is now crowded with cafes and shops. Spend lunch on the route or purchase souvenirs before spending the evening at the Opera (depending on availability.) Second night in Warsaw.

BLDA*Historic Tour Warsaw

3 Warsaw - Zamosc

Your driver-guide will take you on the 3-hour ride in the limousine minivan to Zamosc this morning. Once arrived, tour the old fortified city of Zamosc, which the original architect of the town deemed to be the “ideal city”. Enjoy the Italian-European colorful buildings and striking town hall. Have dinner on one of the restaurant terraces that overlook the town square before spending overnight in your Zamosc accommodation.


4 Zamosc - Rzeszow - Cracow (Krakow)Historic Tour Zamosc Rzeszow Krakow

Your chauffeur will take you to Rzeszow 2 hours away this morning to tour the fortified settlement of Rzeszow which was occupied at one time by the Russians and Nazis. Later, also visit the Lancut Palace 20 minutes away, one of the most renowned aristocratic residences, and Lancut Local Distillery Museum, which showcases the history of the growth of industry in the area. Your tour leader will then take you to Cracow (Krakow), 2 hours away, where you will spend your next 2 nights.

BLDA*Historic Tour Zamosc Rzeszow Krakow

5 Cracow (Krakow)

Begin your morning in Krakow with a custom tour of the magnificent Rynek Glowny (Main Square) - the largest medieval town square remaining in all of Europe. The streets are bustling with life. You can explore the major trade center, Cloth Hall, and the gothic Town Hall Tower, where medieval torture chambers still remain collecting dust. Also visit Wawel Hill where some of the oldest stone buildings in Poland still stand, including the breathtaking Wawel Castle. Before ending the day explore the Wieliczka Salt Mine. One of the largest tourist attractions in Poland, these otherworldly caverns are lit by the light reflecting off underground minerals where 800 steps down, since 1554, Polish miners built medieval chapels. End your second night in Cracow (Krakow) after finishing off some creative cuisine in Old Town.


6 Cracow (Krakow) - WroclawHistoric Tour Krakow Wroclaw

The last day in Krakow is dedicated to the unforgettable experience of visiting the Auschwitz Concentration Camp and State Museum where you can read the words “Arbeit macht frei” in wrought iron above the camp gates for yourself. Drive for 3 hours next to Wroclaw where you walk in the evening in Ostrow Tumski (The Holy Land), a cathedral island spectacularly lit. Overnight in Wroclaw.

BLDA*Historic Tour Krakow Wroclaw

7 Wroclaw - Poznan

During your day in Wroclaw, explore the medieval Market Square, and Salt Square where once Polish citizens would shelter during World War II. Today it’s used as a massive flower market where every flower is sold from dawn until dusk. Tour other major architectural wonders like the University, Swindnica's Brasserie, Awangarda Art Gallery, where you can admire the famous panorama Raclawicka by Jan Styka, and St. Elizabeth's Church. Drive 2 and half hours to Poznan where you still stay overnight.


8 Poznan - TorunHistoric Tour Poznan Torun

Your guide will take you on a tour of Poznan today, the focal city of early Polish history and one of the oldest in the country. Soak your feet in the Citadel park, witness the massive mechanical clock outside of Old Town emerge on the hour where mechanical goats and a trumpeter will sound the time, and pay your respects to the sculptors of the 12 disciple statues inside the 17th century Franciscan Church. Finally visit the Neo-Gothic styled Kornik Castle and hear the depressing tale of the childless owner before it was sold to the Polish state. Drive approximately 2 hours to Torun where you will stay overnight.

BLDA*Historic Tour Poznan Torun

9 Torun - Gdansk

Begin your tour of Torun with your guide’s tour of the Star House, believed to be one of the most lavish medieval houses of its time for the wealthy. Continue your appetite for beauty by feasting on the sights of the Town Hall in Old Town Torun which National Geographic claims as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Further gorgeous Gothic architecture can be witnessed at St. Mary’s Church. No tour of Torun would be complete without a closing visit to the House of Nicolas Copernicus Museum to learn more about the astronomer who called Torun home, and the planetarium to discover the stars that inspired him. Your chauffeur will then take you to the coastal town of Gdansk, 2 hours away where you will spend the remaining 4 nights.


10 GdanskHistoric Tour Gdansk

The coastal Polish city of Gdansk is one of the most diverse and expansive cities in Northern Poland. Your first day in Gdansk will be filled with touring of the former Teutonic Knights’ historic sites such as the Royal Way (to which how the King of Poland would in the past enter the cities), take your picture with the bronze Roman god situated upon Neptune's Fountain, climb the steps of St. Mary's Church and view the famous panoramic view of the vibrant city of Gdansk, and grab a pint at a beer café in the Old Town. In the afternoon, visit the 13th century gothic's Oliwa Cathedral, erected in 1186. The church had been demolished several times over religious wars in Poland. Mostly recently, Pope John Paul II issued Oliwa be made an archcathedral for its impressive endurance. Depending upon the time, conclude your evening with the once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the Baroque Organ concert held within the cathedral. The old city walls create an eclectic sound impossible to forget. Return to room in Gdansk for the second night.

BLDA*Historic Tour Gdansk

11 Gdansk - Malbork - Elblag - Gdansk

The second day in Gdansk is dedicated to viewing Malbork Castle. The castle was built in the 1400’s by the Teutonic Knights. When they lost control of Poland, the castle was fought for over by Poland and Germany. In the Nazi invasion, the castle was miraculously left untouched due to its strategic placement value. Because of this, the castle offers some of the most honest looks into the past of Polish history, engaging guests with medieval artifacts, an array of paintings, and one of the world’s most precious amber collections. Your tour leader will then take you on a short ride to Elblag where you will take a boat trip on the canal that is considered one of the 7 wonders of Poland. The hydro-engineering system was developed in 1825 and captures a certain charm as your boat travels with the artistry of engineering smoothly from land to water to land again with clever placements of railway tracks. You will then return by chauffeured limousine back to Gdansk to stay again in your accommodation in the city for the third night.


12 Around GdanskHistoric Tour Around Gdansk

The day before departure back to the airport, take a short drive in the minivan with your guide for a day of easy-going atmosphere at the sandy Beach of Sopot. Admire the Cliffs of Orlowo and toddle down to Puck, the old bay fishing settlement, where you can have an excellent bread bowl of sour Polish soup. Returning to Gdansk for the fourth night, and the final night stay in Poland.

BLDA*Historic Tour Around Gdansk

13 Gdansk - Ciechanow - Warsaw

Your driver will escort you back to Warsaw International Airport in the minivan. During the drive back, enjoy the scenic passing of the medieval town of Ciechanow which over time with its rich history and longtime standing at the lakeside has experienced raids from the Lithuanians, Old Prussians, and Teutonic Knights. At arrival at the airport, your Historic Cities Tour of Poland will be concluded.


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